The Defense Geophysics Group (DGG)






Welcome to the sub-page of the Defense Geophysics Group (DGG).

DGG was founded in 2007 by Prof. Osvaldo Faggioni and Prof. Rodolfo Zunino as a result of several joint activities between SEALab and INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology).

Click here to view the original Founding Document (in Italian) stating the objectives, protocols and policies of DGG.

DGG envisions a national and international scope; the mission of the involved research group is to gather a selected community of experts, and advance the existing scientific/technology knowledge, in the analysis of geophysics phenomena for the underwater protection of critical infrastructures against intrusions and terrorism.

INGV contributes with the Institute's competence in the analysis of geophysics field, in particular magnetic and gravitational field, and capabilities in the metrological measurement process.
SEALab contributes with the Lab's experience in the design and development of intelligent electronic systems for geomagnetic measurement and classification in noisy environments.

The activities at DGG follow some basic threads:
Research in these threads typically adopts a multi-disciplinary approach from different viewpoints, mainly taking into account performance effectiveness, general application value, and implementation efficiency in agreement with INGV and SEALab politic.

People at DGG

Directive Committee

      Chairman: Prof. Osvaldo Faggioni
      Co-Chairman: Prof. Rodolfo Zunino

Steering Committee

      Adm. Dino Venè, La Spezia
      Ing. Roberto Bozzano – Researcher, CNR-ISSIA Genoa
      Ing. Maurizio Soldani – INGV, La Spezia
      Ing. Paolo Gastaldo, SEALab - Unige

PhD Students

      Ing. Davide Leoncini, SEALab - Unige
      Ing. Alessio Leoncini, SEALab - Unige

Recent Publications by DGG

The following is a list of selected publications by the members of DGG:

Faggioni O, Arena G, Bencivenga M, Bianco G, Bozzano R, Canepa G, Lusiani P, Nardone G, Piangiamore G, Soldani M, Surace L, Venzano G
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Faggioni O, Soldani M, Leoncini D, Gabellone A, Maggiani PV
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Faggioni O, Soldani M, Bottazzi Schenone R, Di Gennaro E, Leoncini D, Zunino R
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WaterSide Security Conf. WSS 2010, Marina di Carrara, Nov. 2010, in press

Faggioni O, Soldani M, Di Gennaro E, Lamberti LO, Leoncini D, Maggiani PV, Zunino R
Harbour seafloor clearance: the “HD” high definition magnetic survey performance
Marine Systems and Technology Conf. – MAST 2009 – Stockholm, Oct. 2009, in press

Faggioni O, Soldani M, Zunino R, Leoncini D, Di Gennaro E, Gabellone A, Maggiani PV, Falcucci V, Michelizza E
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Di Gennaro E, Bovio E, Baralli F, Faggioni O, Soldani M
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Faggioni O, Gabellone A, Hollett R, Kessel RT, Soldani M
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Gabellone A, Faggioni O, Soldani M, Guerrini P
CAIMAN Experiment
Proc. Int. Conf. Underwater Defense Technology UDT - Europe 2007, Naples, Italy, 2007