Course Suite in Network Security





Elsag Certification



The ongoing and successful cooperation between Elsag SpA and SEALab now features a comprehensive Suite of joint Courses in Information Security and Computer Network Management.  The suite includes three Courses:

The Courses are offered as optional Topics for last-year students in the "Laurea Magistralis" degree (currently for Electronic Engineers), as well as PhD students in Computer Science and Electronics.

Teaching schedules involve massive contributions by high-skilled members of Elsag staff, who drive lab activities and highlight network management and security issues from an industry-related, market-driven professional perspective.



Cryptology and Security

Networking and Security

Basic notions of Cryptology (Lexicon and History) A brief rehash of basic issues in computer networks
Private-key Cryptography (DES, AES) Electronic support of Computer Networks (Gateways, Routers, Switches, Hubs)
Public-key Cryptography (Diffie-Hellmann, RSA) Computer Network Operation (Protocols)
Advanced topics in Cryptography (Steganography, Quantum cryptography) Security Components in Networks (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Antivirus)
Protocols Advanced topics in Security (attacks, configurations, defenses)
Electronic Systems for Information Security  



By successfully attending the suite of Courses students will acquire the following skills:

Understanding information security in a broader sense
Managing cryptographic algorithms and protocols in a professional manner
Understanding and configuring Internet-based secure transactions
Configuring a Computer Network in a professional manner
In-depth understanding of Internet's internals
Determining the risk to network security
Auditing network security
Using ethical hacking to identify network security weaknesses
Hardening network services and applications
Designing, Configuring and Maintaining Network Security



The third Course of the suite ("Network Security") will focus on the design and implementation of complex network architectures using AMTEC SECURTEAM equipment. 
Students will learn how to configure and use :

SSL, VPN and SecureVPN technologies to securely drive information
Firewall and IDS capabilities
WiFi security
host security practice: vulnerability assessment, hardening, access control
physical security

The Course enables proficient attendees to qualify for "Certification in Network Management" issued by Elsag Datamat, which requires candidates to undergo an additional test session. Such a session should not require extra study work, is aimed at professional purposes and is optional, hence it is not a part of the official Course program.